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long day… ;;;

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I did some make up work for that “Steal Yo Girl” meme that has been going around. Just thought I’d update with something for you guys to see~

my eyebrows still haven’t completely grown back yet HAHA

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Thank you guys so much for the 200 followers~! It really means a lot to me to have your support here! I hope that maybe we can all get to know eachother and become acquainted. Thank you guys so much ;U; I hope to be able to share some fun stuff soon! I wanted to do a giveaway but unfortunately I’m not very well financed right now. Maybe next time yes? :)

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Kamigami no Asobi: Anubis Ma’at

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Selling Sailor Fuku

Hello everyone! I know that I just finished this little gag cosplay piece recently but it seems that I will have to part from it early. I’m going to be selling some miscellaneous things to make some extra money as a precaution for some things. If you are interested in purchasing this from me please privately message me about it.


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Anubis Ma’at full photo set of the remaining photos~

Anubis Ma’at is Eviltoastie

Photos taken by Spellwoven

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Hi! I'm in love with your Ren cosplay and I was wondering where you got everything for it or if you made it yourself because wow it's amazing :)

Thank you so much! Ahhhhh ;U; I made everything on that Ren cosplay by myself ;u; The only parts of the costume that are not made from scratch are the pants and the boot base.

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Trying my hand at some photo editting tonight! It’s really hard. and I’m super bad with photoshop so….. it may be a little tiny while before I upload some more photosets because of it ;u; Please bare with me and my…. growing skill? I wouldn’t even call it that tbh OTL

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Welcome back to school everybody! I hope everyone has had/will have a wonderful first day~! With the start of a new school year comes the start of a few new cosplays! Can’t wait to update~

Photo by Koisplay Photography

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and the last pic i took was of a cute anubis cosplayer

i asked if they thought we’d get a season 2 and they nodded

this is eviltoastie!

Wah~! Thank you for taking my picture~! ;U; b

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