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Happy Birthday, Aoba~ I wish you the most pleasant of birthdays.

(Also happy belated Easter OTL )

Photographer: Stereometric

Ren: Eviltoastie

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To some of us, each new episode is a game of Spot the Anubis.

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This is kind of old but I wanted to update with a silly derp make up test with a derp wig for Sei!Ren~ :3 

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2014 Cosplays

Below the cut are a few pictures of the characters I plan on cosplaying as for 2014 thus far~ Things may change but I am 90% sure that everyone on this list is a Go~

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Uwaaaaaaa I'm so nervous asking you this!!!! >.< I saw your Ren cosplay(which is AHmazing by the way) and I was wondering how you did the holes on his cloak because they look so good. Uhm that was it. Well have a nice day!!!!! >////<


Awwww don’t be nervous to ask me about anything,dear anon~! I promise you I am nothing but a big huge dumb. fjsaldlsjaslfdsfsa CRIES thank you so much AHHHHHHH. OTL fsdjflskflsfsa

and by holes I think you mean the yellow holes/ gems on his pancho? I made the gems (the yellow parts) from clear ressin with yellow nail polish that was painted on the flat side of the gem. The casings/lenses/ holey things that go around the gems were made from fosshape (which is a type of fabric you can buy online that hardens with heat). I formed the fabric into a ring and then heated it to where it was set then wrapped the light blue fabric I used for all of my appliquing around it and voila~! I have a holey/ lensey thing for Ren! ;u; b

Thank you for the question, anon~! Please don’t ever be afraid to message me, ;3 <3

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Have a happy Friday, everyone. I hope your day is full of lots of Potassium.

We’re going to hell

Faecakes as Aoba

Eviltoastie as Ren

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Thank you so much for all of the follows lately, lovelies~! ;u; It really means a lot to me to be able to be supported by you guys! I can’t wait to share my hobby with you guys and get to know everyone , new and old followers a like~! Thank you so much! ;u; <3

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Here have a not so serious photo for once. I keep posting serious photos on my other accounts but yo, here have some comic relief derpery starring me and Fae.

Aoba: Faecakes

Ren: Eviltoastie

Photographer: Stereometric

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.:: Instructions ::.

Photographer: Stereometric

Sorry for the Ren spam

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I finally processed the pictures from my Mononoke shoot ! 

Photographer : Inès Boucherit

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