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Trying my hand at some photo editting tonight! It’s really hard. and I’m super bad with photoshop so….. it may be a little tiny while before I upload some more photosets because of it ;u; Please bare with me and my…. growing skill? I wouldn’t even call it that tbh OTL

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Welcome back to school everybody! I hope everyone has had/will have a wonderful first day~! With the start of a new school year comes the start of a few new cosplays! Can’t wait to update~

Photo by Koisplay Photography

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and the last pic i took was of a cute anubis cosplayer

i asked if they thought we’d get a season 2 and they nodded

this is eviltoastie!

Wah~! Thank you for taking my picture~! ;U; b

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They’re here~! Here is my favorite photo of the bunch! I’ll upload the others soon!

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If you’re a Rhyme!Ren cosplayer and you haven’t turtled like this yet you’re missing out on some golden opportunities.

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ren ren ren

my friends are absolute weenie meanies fsda.jfsdlafjlsfas

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beni and the rens

Allmate kigus with Sinpai~

Pomatos and Sinpai will be opening up dmmd allmate kigu commissions soon! So be on the look out for the cute~

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Haven’t updated anything this week yet so have some selfies with the senpais from AX 2014! More selfies to come after A-fest Dallas 2014 this upcoming weekend!

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my gay demon shoes got even gayer

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