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They’re here~! Here is my favorite photo of the bunch! I’ll upload the others soon!

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If you’re a Rhyme!Ren cosplayer and you haven’t turtled like this yet you’re missing out on some golden opportunities.

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ren ren ren

my friends are absolute weenie meanies fsda.jfsdlafjlsfas

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beni and the rens

Allmate kigus with Sinpai~

Pomatos and Sinpai will be opening up dmmd allmate kigu commissions soon! So be on the look out for the cute~

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Haven’t updated anything this week yet so have some selfies with the senpais from AX 2014! More selfies to come after A-fest Dallas 2014 this upcoming weekend!

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my gay demon shoes got even gayer

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Nearly complete progress picture of my recent project~!

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Hey ! I really love your Anubis Ma'at Cosplay from KnA ! I want to cosplay this character too but I'm afraid to do it because I'm super white skinned (like a vampire) and I'm afraid that people will judge me or tell bad things about me like I don't have the right to cosplay this character because I'm white and the character isn't (even if I will try to do a full body painting for con and photoshoot). ='/ Have you some advices ?

Hello there and thank you so much ;u; I’m really happy that someone has brought this up because this is something I’m REALLY REALLY passionate about. My biggest advice to you is don’t listen to what anyone else has to say about your costume. Don’t let other people’s negative opinions determine what you do and do not want to cosplay. We are all in this community to have fun and be creative so I think that no matter what your skin tone is, no matter what your gender is, no matter your size, no matter your height, that there is nothing stopping you from cosplaying whatever your heart desires. 

The only bad costume out there is one that is being worn by someone who isn’t having fun.

:3 aaaannnnd that is all I am going to say on that matter before I move into some other shenanigans~ As far as make up advice goes, if you do want to paint yourself I’d suggest theatre make up( brands like Ben Nye, Mehron, Kryolan, Snazaroo)! They come in a HUGE array of colors and skin tones as well as types ( such as cream or wax) that could make you even subtly more tan if you would like~. If you don’t feel like painting yourself darker you could just do what I do and stand in line for 4 hours in direct sunlight at a convention use some bronzer on your face or wherever else you see fit to meet your aesthetic standards~

Other than those things I say, screw everyone else and you do what you are comfortable with and have fun~!

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I’ll be co-hosting the Utapri panel at Anime Fest Dallas next week! I hope to see many faces at this event and I hope to meet many new people as well as leave a wonderful impression upon the crowd in the room! Can’t wait to get this event started~! See ya then!

For any further the details please visit the event page!

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